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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bookshelf Porn!

It's a title that pops up in various forms on various book blogs but it holds special significance for me today as two family members, who regularly read the blog, just did a shocked double take and maybe even spat tea on the keyboard... This one's for you! :o)

We had new shelves put up last week and someone asked for pictures; I'm always happy to oblige so here goes (apologies in advance for any blurriness, I'm blaming the camera phone)...

Not a new bookshelf at all, this is an old bookshelf drafted back into action to deal with all the books that were still left over after the shelves went up. The smallest member of the household somehow managed to bag a whole shelf for her books, I think that shelf should have been left free for me but there you go... :o)
Notable books here that I still need to read include 'Helliconia', 'The Heroes' & 'The Book of the New Sun'.

The first of the new shelves, complete with 'finger puppet zombies' and the Mos Eisley Cantina Band :o)
Notable books that I still need to read... erm... most of them but definitely 'Black Halo', 'The Goblin Corps' 'Throne of the Crescent Moon' and 'Empire State' (amongst many others)

 Older bookshelves covering up an amusing attempt at DIY by the previous owner of our house; I'm growing to dislike him more and more every day (and so is my wallet)...
Everything here has been read at least once. These are the books that will probably stay with us forever and a day. Yes, even the books by David Eddings :o) My camera isn't so hot on detail but there is an old and much loved copy of 'Doctor Who and the Dalek Invasion of Earth' that I've had since I was five; I love that book :o)

This was the best I could do in terms of the natural light that we get in this room and, to be honest, you're not missing an awful lot from the bottom three shelves that didn't get into the shot...
These are my favourite shelves I think, a whole load of books live here that I'm really excited about getting round to reading (even if it takes a while). Notable books that I still need to read...? Definitely :o)

I may rearrange the shelves at some point but am still having a lot of fun finding certain books in the most unlikely of places :o) For now though it's back to the reading ('Caine's Law' in case you were wondering), have a great rest of the weekend! :o)